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As we know, Soroptomists exist to advocate for human rights and gender equality, serving and promoting the interests of women and girls worldwide, helping them to achieve their individual and collective potential.


The Lobbying Group takes up issues facing women and girls, informing our own Club members and lobbying decision-makers to make changes for the better.  This can be at a local, national and international level, where we play an important role across six UN centres.   We are a very friendly group bringing a wide range of topical issues which interest us to our meetings. Some of our discussions lead on to research which can then become lobbying campaigns, but all widen our knowledge and give pause for thought.

Skirting Science – Electric Bodies!


Currently we are researching “Period Poverty” as it affects girls at school in Solihull. We are also following up on the use of “Trafficking” posters in local taxis- a lobbying campaign in 2014.  Other issues we campaing on recently include forced marriage, domestic violence and human trafficking.  We have also been helping to make Solihull a Fairtrade borough, working to combat sexual stereotypes in schools through ‘Skirting Science’ and encouraging pupils to help those in developing countries while having fun.  With the 100 year anniversary of women’s suffrage we are helping to encourage women to use their vote.

Judging the 2018 Fairtrade Cake Off competition


All these campaigns work on a local level for women and girls here in Solihull as well as much further afield.

A whole wide variety of different skills is needed, and everyone has something to contribute.


Why not look in at one of our meetings?  Details of our next meeting are on the website calendar.  You will be most welcome.”

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