1. Executive Meeting 4th February 2016:

  • Hannah Borg from ‘Cherished’ has written to thank Club for our donation. This has been used to start up the ‘Blossom Business School for Girls’.  It was agreed that we would nominate Hannah Borg for the Midland Arden Inspirational Award.
  • Our new display boards have arrived and we have prepared laminated information boards for display. We also have new ‘pop up’ banners.
  • It was agreed that the money raised from the quiz would go to the Vvamuntulo Womens Group.
  • The latest collection for Water Aid was £100 approx.
  • ‘Paint Knowle Pink’ reached a final total of £1,163.69, including the total from the tins of £877.64.
  • £40 has been sent to the International President’s December 10th appeal. This will support building schools in Nepal.
  • SIGBI has produced an updated ‘Values & Behaviours’ guide. After discussion it was agreed that this would be used for the Club handbook, for mentors to share with new members, and at the Club reflection evening.
  • There is the opportunity to become an Ambassador for the new SIGBI project (Meru Women’s Garden Project) – to be shared with Club Members.
  • President Elect Ann Thomas shared some ideas about Membership Month in May
  • Discussion took place around a paper Ann Keepax has put together around Club communications.
  • The outcomes of our Club survey will be used to inform the planning for our Reflection Evening in March.

2. Business Meeting on 11th February 2016:

President Liz welcomed everyone, including our 2 visitors Mayor Glenis Slater and Midland Arden Regional President Su Roxburgh.

Our speaker for the evening was Geraldine Davies who spoke about ‘Managing the Journey through Dementia’. Although there are 106 different types of dementia, it is not a natural part of aging. There were 850,000 people living with dementia at the end of 2015, of which: -1/3 are undiagnosed -40,000 are under 65 -2/3 are women – there are 670,000 carers. Awareness was raised about the new care act, and the right to request a needs assessment, as well as legal routes to take around power of attorney.

Having been introduced to us by Angela Sadler, President had the pleasure of inducting Lorely Burt as a member of our Club.

The new programme database has become active and can be accessed through the membership section of the website sigbi.org

If you know of any prospective Associate Members please pass their contact details on to either President Liz or Jane Davies.

Please get in touch with Judith James if you would like to be part of the group visiting our Friendship Link SI Fulda in Germany. 17-21 June 2016.

It was decided to accept the Mayor’s generous invitation to visit her parlour for a photo to mark International Womens Day. If you would like to take part please let Elaine Stephens know. It will take place at 12 noon on Tuesday 8th March. If possible wear your badge and a SI fleece /tshirt/polo shirt/scarf….

We were able to totally flabbergast President Liz when the door opened and Jan Hemlin appeared with Birthday cakes and we all broke into Happy Birthday to You! Liz thanked us all for a fantastic surprise to celebrate her special birthday.