Skirting Science 2013

Messages to Malala from 130 girls attending Skirting Science 2013

At the end of a very successful second Skirting Science Day, 5th July 2013, organised by S I Solihull & District the girls, joined by President Margaret Jarman, Regional President Margaret Phillips, members and guests took part in a balloon release.

Labels attached to the balloons included the information about Malala Day, a photo of Malala and on the reverse messages from the girls.

malala ballonsOn the 12th July 2013 Malala Yousafzai, a brave young girl celebrates her 16th birthday.  On this momentous day known globally as Malala Day, Malala will be joining young leaders from around the world as part of a special youth assembly at the United nations in New York, to take forward the ‘Global Education First Initiative’ to call on world leaders to demand an education for all children. Globally, 61 million children are denied an education, with girls disproportionately over represented in these figures. There are currently 500 million illiterate women in the world; twice the number of illiterate men.

A selection of the messages from the girls to Malala were attached to the helium filled, hand tied white latex balloons:

  • You are a very brave girl. You have made me think more about my education Thank you Rebecca X
  • Dear Malala, Hi, happy Birthday. May all your dreams come true, you are such an inspiration to all people. I think you’re very brave. You’ve made me realise school is a gift and not to take advantage. Lots of love IQRA
  • Happy birthday Malala! We all respect you for what you have done.
  • You have changed the lives of so many girls. You should be very proud of what you have done. You have made me really appreciate my education more. Thank you Katy
  • Good luck Malala “Success is not final, failure is not fatal; It is the courage to continue that counts” – Winston Churchill from Jenny P S You are so brave, you inspire me.
  • Dear Malala Youafa, I think you are an extraordinary amazing girl. I wish you the best of luck of what you are aiming at. Love from Yasmin xx  PS I’m Pakistani and I’m so appreciative of what you are doing.
  • You have inspired many people and we are all extremely proud of you, you have been very brave! From Ellie
  • Malala is inspirational, courageous, you also encourage us to do things as we wish.  Amaarah xxx
  • Malala you are an inspirational girl, she encourages us to do what’s good for us and always pit your mind to something more important than ourselves. Al’s xxx
  • Happy Birthday! Well done for sticking up for yourself even though it was hard. Hope you are feeling better. I hope your school is going well and you are enjoying it From Sophie
  • To Malala You have changed minds and have become global because of your confidence. You have become an inspiration to many girls.
  • Well done! Alisha X
  • Happy Birthday Hope you have an amazing future Love Lucy x
  • To Malala, You are a great role model and I think every young girl looks up to you and your braveness is unreal. Stay strong and keep fighting  From Sophie xxx
  • I hope your work for girls to have an education is respected. I admire your bravery. From Kate x
  • You’re brave and inspiring. A stunning story of courage and determination. Malala you deserve this, you are a hero. From Chloe
  • Dear Malala, you are such an inspiration to many girls unable to receive education for whatever reason they have. I would like to thank you for what you are doing and believe you are so brave for doing so. Thank you Imani xxx