Project Sierra

Sierra Leone is one of the poorest nations on earth. More than 70% of the population are unemployed and live below the national poverty line, surviving on just 52p ($1 USD) a day. Life expectancy for women is 42 years and nearly a third of all children die before their fifth birthday.

Project Sierra will –

• Improve the health and life chances of thousands of deprived women and children living in abject poverty

• Promote stability and self-reliance in post conflict society

• Provide education, training, small business and life skills support to enable families to become self-sufficient and support their children

• Build the capacity of local childcare professionals and create models of excellence that can be shared with other countries in Africa

• Enable more children to grow up in a caring family

At our Club we have taken part in Regional activities including a recital of Faure’s Requiem at Coleshill Church. At the moment we are taking part in a £1 challenge – to turn £1 into £10 by February 2010.

For more information about Project Sierra follow this link