Friendship Links

Our club enjoys closer association with a number of other clubs, both in the UK and abroad.  These ‘Friendship Links’ are an important part of Soroptimism, as they enable us to share awareness of issues and projects in other areas and countries.  We can also be advocates in their causes.

We currently have Friendship Links with:
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Our members on return to Birmingham Airport with the umbrellas we were given as a parting gift. by SI Fulda

SI Wallesey, UK

SI Kings Lynn, UK

SI Johannesburg, South Africa

SI St. Vincent and The Grenadines

SI Masaka, Uganda

SI Molde, Norway

SI Fulde, Germany

SI The Hills, Australia

We have regular email ‘chats’ with our links throughout the year. We also take any opportunity to meet up, they support many of our events and we always try to see one another at conferences.

Recent highlights have included:

  • Our first visit to Fulda in Germany
  • Visit by members of SI Molde to Solihull
  • Continued support to SI Masaka and the Vvamutulo Women’s Group at Homelands

SI Fulda, Germany
In June 2016, 5 of our members flew to Germany to make their first visit to Fulda.  We were greeted with amazing hospitality and friendship.  We had a tour of the baroque city including the cathedral and castle, where we had a reception with the Lord Mayor of Fulda.  We were also taken on a very interesting visit to Point Alpha, the former US Army Observation Post at the westernmost point of the Iron Curtain.

On our last evening, we were guests at their monthly meeting where we talked about our projects for this year and were delighted to be present at the induction of their latest member.

We are hoping that members of SI Fulda will come to Solihull for a return visit in 2018.

SI Molde, Norway
It was with great excitement we welcomed 6 members of SI Molde in October 2016.  We were very honoured that the Mayor took time out of his busy schedule to welcome our visitors to the Mayor’s Parlour for coffee and even put on his ceremonial attire to show our guests.

Members of SI Molde

We had a packed programme of visits for them including a guided tour round Stratford.  The Saturday saw us in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham where we had a fascinating visit to the Museum, followed by shopping and a visit to the new Library. Our final meal together was at President Ann’s where we enjoyed a lovely “American Supper” and said our goodbyes quite early as two of the Norwegians had to be up very early the next morning for their flights home.

SI Molde very kindly gave us a donation of £200 to give to one of our charities. We have decided to give it to the Chernobyl Children’s Charity that hosts children every summer from the nuclear devastated area.

SI Masaka, Uganda
In 2014, 3 members of our club visited Uganda taking in visits to both SI Masaka and to the Homelands school which we have supported for several years. In May 2016, we were delighted when we received a very generous donation from a friend who had heard about the visit in 2014.  Half of the money went to the Vvamutulo Women’s Group at Homelands and the other half to SI Masaka.  SI Masaka used the money on a wide variety of their projects, includin

Handing a donation on to SI Masaka

Half of the money went to the Vvamutulo Women’s Group at Homelands and the other half to SI Masaka.  SI Masaka used the money on a wide variety of their projects, including school fees for a young girl which the Club supports.  Other items bought included a knitting machine, hoes, and seeds.

The Sanitary Towels project we have previously supported is making progress with production and sales in full swing.  Now they are planning to make reusable ones too and hope to find a permanent place for the project to save on the cost of rent.

SI Johannesburg, South Africa
Since the formation of this Friendship Link, one of our members has been visiting each year (bar one) for the past 16 years.

SI Solihull has supported two of their ongoing projects:

  • Empilweni, the organic garden project attached to the pre-school in Diepsloot (an informal township)
  • Sithabile Child and Youth Care Centre, a home for abandoned and abused children.
Marjorie with members of SI Johannesberg

Marjorie with members of SI Johannesberg