Club Groups

Everyone in the club plays a key part, although the Executive Committee “runs” the club.

Executive Committee comprises:

  • President (the Presidential year runs from April – March)
  • President Elect (for the next year)
  • Vice President (for the year after the President Elect)
  • Immediate Past President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Programme Action Officer (who oversees all the club’s projects)

The Executive Committee meets every month prior to Club meetings.

In addition to Executive Committee, the Club’s activities are managed by groups of people who get things done. The number and profile of the groups varies and depends on the activities on which the Club is focussing at the time.

At the moment, the club has the following “special interest” groups:

  • Lobbying Group
  • Health Group
  • Friendship Link Group
  • Green Goup
  • Education Group
  • Events Group
  • Club Membership, Marketing and Development
  • Fun in the Park
  • Crafts and Laughs

The Groups meet on a regular basis usually at a member’s house. The frequency of meetings depends on the work on which the group is active but they are usually held once every 1 or 2 months. Each member is encouraged to be a member of at least one group.

In addition, members work together on all our events and on various project activities, e.g. manning the Soroptimist stand at the Solihull Festival, arranging a specific function, or volunteering to help with local charitable events.