Sithabile Child and Youth Care Centre

On a recent visit to South Africa, Marjorie Stubbs went to visit a project that SI Johannesburg are involved in. Sithabile Child Care Centre looks after children who have no family. At the Centre they are educated and trained for a life when they reach adulthood. We were shown photos of the centre, but as ever money is needed to maintain the centre.

Children at Sithabile decorating the teabags

This project is to make bags for sale which will raise money. The bags are being made at Sithabile Child Care Centre, SIJohannesburg and at SI Solihull. Marjorie saw tea bags being painted (after being used, emptied and dried!) by the children. Following trial runs, Marjorie has masterminded the production of fashionable hessian bags in a variety of sizes and lovely colours – each one unique as it is decorated with hand painted tea bags.

It is hoped to make 500 bags for sale at the 2009 Cardiff Conference and elsewhere to raise funds for Sithabile. This project is in conjunction with our Friendship Link club SI Johannesburg and is to raise funds for the Sithabile Child and Youth Care Centre in South Africa.

Some of the children at Sithabile dancing for Marjorie