Cambodian Child’s Dream Organisation

Friends of CCDO UK is one of President Margaret’s charities.  With the help of dedicated volunteers around the world, is committed to improving life in the Cambodian villages by providing clean water and supporting education in rural schools.

In December President Margaret hosted “Come Dine With Me” at her home.  The money raised from this evening, £170, has bought another well in Cambodia – this is the first one in the name of SI Solihull – more will follow!

Well 789 familyWell No. 789 SI Solihull & District  

Greetings from Cambodia!  

The Family of HUY HOEUM would like to thank SI SOLIHULL for the generous gift of Water Well and Filter.

This will improve their lives and reduce illness. There are a total of 5 people using the water well.  Please note that the water                                                                                    filter will be given out in the next few weeks                                                                                  at a special health and hygiene workshop.

                                                                                 Many thanks for changing their lives.